Five Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

When you think of the word health, you may think of clean eating or intense workouts. However, taking care of your mental health is also important to living a happy and healthy life.

But what exactly is your mental health? Mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well-being, says. Many factors can contribute to mental health problems, the website says, including genes, life experiences, and family history. Understanding your mental health allows you to live a full and productive life.

You may be surprised by what affects your well-being. We’ve compiled five simple ways you can improve your mental health today! Read more

How to Prepare for Severe Weather: Safety Tips for Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

In the spring and summer, severe weather in Texas can create situations that can threaten your family’s health and safety. At times, thunderstorms and tornadoes seem to strike without warning. Besides staying informed by listening to your local news channel, there are several other precautions you can take to make sure your family is safe and prepared for unexpected weather. We’ve compiled some helpful tips to keep your family ready for when thunderstorms or tornadoes are in the forecast. Read more